I Think Something Bit Me

I have a friend that works for Terminix and last week he had to come by our office to check on some ants. He asked me where the ants were coming from but I was clueless. In fact, the office has dark patterned carpet, so I couldn’t even see the ants! He then proceeds to take out a flash light, dim the overhead light, and roll the flashlight on the floor. I thought he had lost his mind. Then he points to the now large moving shadows all over the floor! Camouflaged with the dark color and pattern of the carpet was the pest that was now visible because of the light he cast on them.

Ah yes another life lesson!

Most of us would have been bitten before we ever noticed we were standing in a sea of ants. I know I would. Much like this situation I think people go about life unaware of the “pest” in our life until he bites us. We all know Satan has it out for us but some of his antics are more subtle, leaving us clueless until life seems to bite us. The problem is we sometimes never take the time to identify the source of the problem. Instead we grin and bear it, hoping it stops, while simultaneously letting it drive us crazy and wreak havoc.

I found out that the ants were a result of storing some candy in that office. Some rogue ant decided it was going to venture its way in through a window and then next thing we knew they brought their whole family! The candy was removed but the ants were still there searching for anything that would be left behind. Unfortunately, simply removing the candy did not solve the problem.

I have been guilty of treating the symptoms of my problems instead of addressing the issue itself. Lets be honest, it is way easier to treat the symptoms of what ails us than it is to go to the doctor. For the most part, we know, when we go to the doctor, he’s going to recommend that we make some changes in our lives to avoid a reoccurrence. Sometimes those changes are difficult and require an effort that we’ve not had to put forth before. But when all is said and done we know the change is worth it.

If we would call on God to shed a little light on the issues we are having instead of toughing it out chances are we would identify the problem and eliminate it.

“Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards, for our vineyards are in blossom.” – Song of Solomon 2:15

While the scripture from Song of Solomon is referring to things that might destroy and hinder a relationship the concept fits here as well. Often it’s the little things that can spoil not only your relationships, but your day, your attitude, and sometimes your life. If we constantly turn a blind eye to the little destructive things in our lives under the guise of “toughing it out” we run the risk of greater damage than we anticipated. I encourage you to allow God to shed a little light in the troublesome areas of your life and let Him prescribe the solution.



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