Fondue Life

If we are honest with ourselves, as much as we pretend we have it all together, we know we don’t.

I’m young and let’s be real I can be pretty dumb. I am strong willed and a little intense (seriously an anonymous description of me in college). But I am taught to show you my maturity, and intelligence. I am taught to show you that I am determined and passionate. But I think we forget that it takes real life trials to mature and often sharpen the dull areas of our lives. And, that “determination” and “passion” can be very unbecoming in the wrong situation. We seldom walk into life being excellent. It is a slow development. And if you’re like me, it feels like the slowest development.

I started this blog because I need somewhere to be myself. And quite frankly, sometimes I am a lot like fondue- cheesy, spicy, and occasionally messy. Some days my life is like a page out of The Notebook– one of the cheesiest of love stories. Other days my life is like accepting a friend’s dare to eat a hot pepper- it’s intense; not the greatest idea or experience at the time, but we can laugh about it later. And then there are the days that are just messy- the days we pretty much fail at life. The redeeming factor is that God’s grace has been and always will be enough to clean up my mess.

The neat thing is, like fondue, when you put cheesy, spicy, and messy together it’s actually pretty good. Likewise, this life I am blessed with is pretty good. It’s GREAT really!

So, if your life is cheesy, spicy, and a little messy (like mine) you are not alone! Don’t give up! I don’t know about you, but… I, for one, want to taste (and see) that the Lord and this life is still very good (Psalm 34:8).


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